6/3/2016 One Call Message

Our greeters and servers this week are Mo Branham and Joanne Reed.

This is the first Sunday in June, so as a reminder, communion will be offered during service.

A week from this Sunday, on June 12th, choir practice will be held at 8:00 a.m. prior to service. Also, on June 12th we will have our June session meeting.

A couple of other reminders:
If you are interested in preparing disaster hygiene kits for June completion, you can find the bags and instruction sheets on the back table.

Also, the Fairfield County Kid’s Camp will be held on Monday, June 20. If you would like to make either drink or refreshment contributions, a sign up sheet can be found at the back table. Also, Harriet is looking for a few volunteers to help serve refreshments to the children that day, please let her know if you are interested in volunteering.

Our community corner picnic on Saturday, June 18th is in its final planning phase. We appreciate everyone’s offering of tents and games and are in very good shape, but we are still in need of one bean bag toss game. Let Anita or Harriet know if you have one to use for that day.

Please remember to add canned greens to your shopping list this week as the Fairfield County Food Bank continues to need our support.

And, remember those on our prayer list. Everyone appreciates knowing they are being thought of by members of our church.

Have a great rest of the week, and, see you on Sunday!